We believe that every child is a scientist and that we can make children even better scientists! Club Scientific 2016 Summer Camps season will offer 24 summer day camps.

All of our hands-on National Science Standard activities make science challenging and fun! Our camp Directors are highly trained college graduates, assisted by currently enrolled college students that have been trained by Club Scientific.

Click on the summer camp age group boxes below -or- in the blue bar above for more information!

Camps for Ages 4-5 Camps for Ages 6-8 Camps for Ages 9-14
Young Scientists
Young Engineer
Young Chemist
Young Jurassic
Young Builder
Jr. Scientist
Jr. Paleontologist
Jr. Space Explorer
Jr. Oceanographer
Jr. Physician
Jr. Robot Inventor
Jr. Video Game Maker
Jr. Grossology
Jr. Space Engineer
Jr. Robot Creator
Jr. Meteorologist
Emergency Vet
Emergency Vet Advanced
Video Game Maker
CSI Advanced
Emergency Medicine
Robot Inventor
Chef Scientific
Special Effects
Scibots (Sci-Fi)
Robotic Arm/Solar
Build Em' Bust Em' Bridges
Deep Space*
Robot Advanced**
Flyin' High

*Needed before Robot Advanced
**Need Deep Space or NXT. Mindstorm age 10-14

Camp Information:

We do offer a multi-sibling discount of $10 per sibling.

There is a Lab Fee of an additional $45.00 which applies to:
Camp Jr. Robot Inventor(ages 6-8), Camp Robot Inventor (ages 9-14), Camp Chef Scientific (ages 9-14) and Camp Emergency Vet Advanced(ages 9-14)

Click here for info about all of our robot camps using LEGO kits and components